Univariate and multivariate optimization and equation solving in Julia.

NLSolvers.jl is the backend code for Optim.jl v2.0.0 and higher.


The package is a registered package, and can be installed with Pkg.add.

julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("NLSolvers")

or through the pkg REPL mode by typing

] add NLSolvers


NLSolvers.jl is a Julia package for optimization, curve fitting and systems of nonlinear equations. The package requires full specification of the problem, so no smart constructors, automatic differentiation, or other user friendly features are present. If the focus is on ease of use, Optim.jl is the package to use.

Citing the package

If you use NLSolvers.jl or Optim.jl in your work, please cite consider citing our paper in the Journal of Open Source Software. Citations give us the possibility to document the usage of the package, but it also gives us a way of following all the exciting ways in which NLSolvers.jl and Optim.jl are used in many fields fields including, but not limited to, optimization methods and software, economics, optics, physics, machine learning and more.


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